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~:A fictional story where the main protagonist accidentally travels to a strange world.

"His" ultimate journey unfolds great challenges and barriers to overcome to return home:~

Season 1 - Webisodes:

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"It was the year 2015. After class we went to Kevin's place for lunch, while at lunch we discussed about to create a very short experimental project. And these are the results of it.

Music: Kevin Paul

Please enjoy.


In early 2000, we created an FB group called "Maldivian Fanart". The characters which we see in this video are created at that time. We used to create imaginary characters to draw and animate at that time. And alot of characters are originally drawn by their respective artists.

This is my version of those characters jamming along to this cool cover beat box for the "beautiful people". Original music Artist: Marilyn Manson.

Please enjoy and thank you.

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