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Animated political campaign song. (2013 Jumhoory Party)

At 2007 I was working at VTV as a video animator. Had fun and made many friends along with many projects. But after a year I went abroad leaving the job for my own interest for further studies in my field. It was 2013 that I took a break before the final exam. Came back to Male' and at that time I met a guy nick named as "Moho", from "Scores of Flair" who approached me with this project. Gladly accepted and put my heart and soul into it. But sadly i couldn't reach him after delivering the project to finish the bargain as we agreed. Shortly he was out of reach. But loved the sweat and blood I put into it. 🙏❤️✌🏽

Thank you.


A brief session with my friend Kevin.

"It was the year 2015. After class we went to Kevin's place for lunch, while at lunch we discussed about to create a very short experimental project. And these are the results of it. Music: Kevin Paul

Beautiful People, beat box cover. Animated in Adobe Flash.

In early 2000, we created an FB group called "Maldivian Fanart". The characters which we see in this video are created at that time. We used to create imaginary characters to draw and animate at that


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